Story | Queenie's Ice Cream
Imagine a gal who loved ice cream so much that, for her birthday one year, her boyfriend enrolled her as a student in Ice Cream University!Clearly she had a passion for ice cream, so could you imagine Queenie’s reaction when her Penn State University classmates voted her the 106th class President of the world famous “Penn State Ice Cream Short Course”?!! After all, she had been a career dental assistant & was just attending the course “because I love to eat ice cream”.Everyone knows of the “when you know better, you do better” moments that nudge us into action…Certainly there was no better reason to start her own business. After all, Queenie was in the habit of having Graeter’s ice cream shipped all the way from Ohio, to her home on Captiva Island, Florida.Relying on her Penn State “Cow-to-Cone” education, her former science background, and a respect for use of local ingredients, Queenie opened her very own ice cream business in 1998.Every ice cream flavor is made in Queenie’s tidy, Department of Agriculture-approved, Fort Myers ice cream kitchen, in neat five-gallon batches using third-generation American-made churns. Milk& cream are provided by Florida’s finest Jersey cows.“Although we are regulated by Florida’s Department of Agriculture, we use a standard higher than theirs”, says Queenie. “Liz & I strive to make ice cream that we would be proud to serve to our Mothers”.Maybe you’d like a scoop of Pure Vanilla, a pint of Toasted Coconut, a cone of Black Raspberry Chip? How about a double dip of Pumpkin Pie, Pine Island Mango, or any other one of our seasonal favorites? A click on the “Find Our Ice Cream” link will help you locate the restaurants, stores, and scoop shops that carry Queenie’s Real HomeMade Ice Cream.Thank you for joining us in our delicious adventure!